Verbascum – Rock Mullein

The noble 6 ft Mulleins that beauty a behind of a limit have 3 squalid kin that are during home in a stone garden. The family traits are there – a need for a balmy home, leaves that are hairy or spiky and plenitude of saucer-shaped blooms.

Varieties: The rockery class is closest in expansion robe to a limit Mullenies is V.dumulosum – tallness 9 in., widespread 1ft, flowering duration June-July. The flowering spikes temperament yellow blooms grow organisation and honest from tufts of greyish, downy leavs, V. spinosum is utterly diferent – a leaves are toothed and spiny, and a yellow blooms are borne in lax flower-heads. These dual class are incidentally crossed during Wisley Gardens and a ensuing hibryd has become. a many renouned Rock Mullein – V. Letitia. The simple sum are tallness 9in., widespread 1 ft, flowering duration Jun – August. It si a shrubby long-lived with fluffy leaves and is lonesome 1/2 in. yellow blooms in summer.

Site Soil : Requires well-drained dirt and full sun.

Propagation: Plant base cuttings in a cold support in late winter.

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