3-D Printed Décor Is The Future Of Interior Design

Photo: boostetsy on Instagram 

Although 3-D printing is currently making waves in the world of art and design, its presence in the world of interiors is a relatively new one. While the technology has found its way into accessories and jewellery, it has yet to make a major splash at home. However, this may be about to change, as 3-D printed accents are eventually finding their way into the décor world. In fact, a variety of housewares can be created with 3-D printers, bringing a futuristic element into the contemporary abode.

For those who want to step into the trend with baby steps, a sculptural vase in a metallic shade can brighten up an otherwise neutral space. While 3-D printed furniture may seem too avant-garde or edgy for many spaces, accents such as 3-D printed vases or ornaments are a minimalist take on the trend. Contrasted against neutral walls or wooden furnishings, the décor finishes can bring life to an understated room.

Photo: mission_3d on Instagram 

If you prefer brighter accents, the 3-D printing movement has also led to colourful photo frames and decorative dishware. From deep cobalt blue to turquoise, vibrant hues prove that futuristic décor does not have to mean neutral. Meanwhile, adventurous decorators can turn to furniture, with architectural and artistic 3-D printed chairs and tables also making a grand entrance.

Will the décor of the future continue to make waves, or will antiques and farmhouse finishes continue to dominate the scene? It may be too early to make predictions, but it seems that 3-D printing technology is currently influencing the interior design sphere.