Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring 2016

If you’ve been planning the ultimate bathroom makeover for Spring 2016, it’s officially time to swap your peeling vinyl flooring and faded beige walls for a chic alternative. Whether you’re aiming for a spa-like oasis within the four walls of your home or a refreshing ivory space, try upgrading your lavatory this season. We’ve curated a few inspiring ideas to help you spark the best bathroom transformation your home has ever seen.

Turn to black and white checkered floors and framed artwork for a dose of glamour: For anyone who’s craving simplicity, try revamping your bathroom with the look of bold black and white floor tiles. To create a contrasting effect against the stylish checkered flooring, refresh your bathroom walls with ivory paint and an intricate painting. Meanwhile, a freestanding black and white bathtub, creamy white towels and a funky black chandelier help to bring elegance into your space.


Photo: ikeaitalia on Instagram 

Adorn your space with fresh greenery and decorative ladders: If you’re an earthy goddess with a love of garden inspired accents, create a scenic effect in your space with lush greenery arranged on ladders. Try placing a series of potted plants on two painted ladders, in order to usher the great outdoors into your humble abode. For a finishing touch, an ornate metallic decorative mirror, printed blue towels and a simple white porcelain tub can easily complete the interior design statement.

pink and white bathroom

Photo: ceriselovett on Instagram

Decorate with luscious pink blooms and vintage inspired décor: While it may be 2016, the look of sweet vintage décor has never truly left the scene. If you’re wondering how to impart femininity and sophistication in your bathroom, arrange an array of vibrant pink roses around your counters and sinks. For a contrasting touch, marble counters and an off-white vanity table with a hot pink chair can bring your ladylike decorating to an entirely new level.