Add A Perfect Breakfast Nook To Your Space This Spring

If you’re a décor lover who enjoys tucking into pancakes with maple syrup, adding a breakfast nook to your space just may be a smart interior design move! Even if you tend to skip the most important meal of the day, a cozy corner in your kitchen can offer you a break from the formality of the dining table. Here’s how to incorporate a modernized and incredibly chic breakfast nook into your home this spring.

Use refreshing off-white hues and subtle pops of yellow to illuminate your space: Try infusing your breakfast nook with soft, sunny shades of pale yellow, for a colour scheme which will instantly usher in springtime. Try decorating your space with stark white walls, ivory lighting and white-painted wooden furnishings. Add a bouquet of soft white blooms, and use yellow and white printed pillows to bring in a contrasting touch.


Photo: happysoiree on Instagram

Infuse colour into the area with colourful glasses and a vibrant printed rug: Although cream and ivory shades can certainly lend a refreshed and welcoming touch to even the most basic breakfast nook, we are also loving the idea of a brilliant pop of colour. To truly beautify your nook, place an array of funky glasses in a variety of rainbow hues on your shelves. Meanwhile, rustic wooden chairs, an avant garde structured white table and gleaming marble floors help to transform the space. To channel the colours on the shelves, turn to a cool and colourful patterned rug for a finishing touch.


Photo: white_done_right on Instagram

Adorn your space with delicate watercolour shades and artwork: For a comforting retreat within the four walls of your home, use soft pastel shades to inject colour into the space. The look of a beautifully framed painting, paired with the juxtaposition of white walls, can offer an ethereal touch. To complete your decorating statement, introduce lush greenery and trendy white seats with multicoloured cushions into your home.


Photo: decorilla on Instagram

Decorate with edgy prints and striking shades of navy blue: If you prefer funky tones, turn your simple breakfast nook into an unconventional oasis with a combination of white and navy blue. Plush seating and cushions with stripes and swirly patterns can all lead to a gorgeous effect, while a bold animal print rug just might wrap up the look.