The Right Way To Embrace 1970s Inspired Décor For Every Taste

With the era of disco chic reigning supreme in both the fashion and interior design worlds, it’s clear that the 1970s are back and bigger than ever before. While it’s easy to take the decade of maximalism and over-the-top prints to extremes, there is a correct way to bedeck your home in Seventies glamour. This season, draw your decorative inspiration from the past and find a tailor-made and modernized way to bring 1970s décor into your own space.


Photo: usedthreads on Instagram 

For the bohemian: If you’re a boho goddess at heart, this blast from the past should lie perfectly in line with your personal interior design tastes. Try channelling the mystery of the Seventies in your living room, with tapestries in warm shades of tangerine and light brown. The look of patterned woven curtains and patterned wallpaper is a natural combination with wicker furniture, beige couch cushions and a vintage inspired white lampshade.


Photo: rb_roca on Instagram 

For the rebel: Perhaps you would have been a rock and roll kid back in the day, had you only existed in 1976 instead of 2016! If that’s the case, capture the restless energy of this decade with frenetic colour and zany prints. Turn to a neon patterned sofa, contrasted with grey walls adorned with funky vibrant artwork for the ultimate effect. Add a graffiti printed coffee table, and create the perfect creative space for all those good vibrations.


Photo: josephpauldavis on Instagram 

For the fashionista: If you think the runways of ‘70s era Paris and London would have created a retro street style star out of you, approach the trend with sophistication. In other words, decorate a plush orange velvet sofa with fuchsia and leopard print cushions. Add fierce hot pink leather ottomans, an area rug in luscious sorbet tones and imposing potted plants. Whether you plan to use the space to sip tea and gossip or host the house party of the century, you’re sure to feel right at home.