Marble Accents Steal The Spotlight For Spring Décor

If you’ve been craving a sleek and stylish décor upgrade this spring, embracing the season’s marble trend may be a perfect way to revamp your home just in time for the changing temperatures. With marble set to make a splash as a returning interior design trend, here’s how to bring the cool and eternally chic look of this material into your space now.

Contrast white marble shelves against striking rainbow-coloured furnishings: For a much-needed dosage of colour, try pairing your pristine marble shelving with contrasting colourful décor. Bring a playful element to your kitchen with classic off-white marble cabinets and funky chairs in shades of yellow, red and aqua blue. Meanwhile, traditional hardwood flooring, shiny silver kitchen appliances and a rainbow-coloured printed area rug can also offset your interior design statement.


Photo: emmahawkins_ on Instagram

Use marble containers and vases to bring a modern touch to your décor: If you’re not ready to infuse your entire space with marble flooring or cabinetry, take a baby step into the trend with marble home accessories. The look of quirky vases, cups and containers can instantly revitalize your space. For a finishing touch, pair the hints of marble with funky wood spoons, fresh greenery and faded wooden shelves.


Photo: superiormarbleandgranite on Instagram

Incorporate polished marble flooring into an icy grey and ivory bathroom: For flawless sophistication right at home, try transforming your dated bathroom into a spa-like oasis this spring. Swap your fading linoleum floors for grey and white marble floors, matching shower tiles and pale grey walls. For a finishing touch, an ornate silver mirror and white porcelain sink can re-energize your space and immediately flatter the marble.


Photo: theex_and_in on Instagram 

Refresh a black and white kitchen with marble accents: With black and white décor reigning supreme this season, try bringing marble into a kitchen adorned with black textured shelves, sleek seating and structured lamps. A white marble table, paired with matching gleaming floors and a trendy marble backsplash, will look striking against the elegant black detail in your kitchen.