Raffia Accents Are A Whimsical New Décor Trend

Although the idea of raffia accents may bring a seaside cottage to mind, this charming woven fabric is quickly making its way into the urban home. Whether you want to decorate your walls or your sunroom, try adorning your humble abode with raffia this summer. Even if you can’t escape from your apartment, the rustic material will quickly usher in island energy. Here are our favourite ways to decorate with raffia at home this season.

Bring new life to your dark blue walls with a raffia-edged mirror: For the ultimate finishing touch, try beautifying your cobalt or royal blue walls with a large, decorative mirror trimmed with tan raffia. The look of the raffia detail can bring a contrasting effect to a striking statement wall, while pale wooden shelves finish off your space.


Photo: mecoxgardens on Instagram 

Use raffia mats to contrast against your blue and white living room: To instantly revamp your living room, turn to raffia mats placed on end tables. Arrange a series of blue and white patterned accent pillows on a basic beige couch, and add a simple light wooden coffee table. For a finishing touch, use a blue and white striped area rug, white lampshades and ivory painted windows to illuminate the room.


Photo: bungalowlivingbali on Instagram 

Accessorize a funky raffia cushion on a wicker chair: If you find that your sunroom or living room is looking plain, try accessorizing a large wicker chair with a woven raffia cushion. Use a green and white leaf printed pillow, fresh tulips and luscious greenery to truly breathe summertime spirit into the space.