Laundry Rooms Are Now Chic- Here’s How To Transform Yours


Photo: designstuff_group on Instagram 

For the ardent fashionista who spends hours cleaning and caring for her clothes, the laundry room may very well be the new bedroom. As you’re separating your darks and whites and ironing your favourite blouse, it’s important to consider your décor scheme. While the laundry room may not have been considered a stylish space in the past, it’s now officially cool to wash your wardrobe in a chic setting. This summer, try transforming your laundry room into a gorgeous space with the following tips.

Combine a marble backsplash with sleek white appliances: If you’re aching for a dose of glamour, combine a mosaic backsplash with a black-painted ceiling for a contrasting effect. Meanwhile, try creating a perfectly modern design aesthetic with a gleaming white washer and dryer, a pale wooden bench and shiny silver accents.


Photo: melnikova_monhome on Instagram 

Turn to soft lilac shades for an ethereal finish: Although pristine ivory hues may instantly scream “laundry room”, light pastel shades can introduce colour to a smaller space. For the ultimate makeover, infuse purple tones into the room with lilac and white tile floors, a lavender accent wall and white cabinetry.


Photo: rugs_usa on Instagram 

Embrace your inner rebel with playful colour and prints: This year, your laundry room may very well become the new party central at your next house party! If faint colours aren’t quite your flavour, try decorating with patterned black and white wallpaper and a red woven area rug. The eccentric burst of colour, combined with an eye-catching abstract print, can bring whimsy and fun to a classic laundry room.