4 Reasons to Build a Log Cabin on your Property

Constructing log cabins and actually living in them provides many opportunities than you may not even be able to imagine. With the sophisticated architecture and relaxing ambiance inside the log cabin, you can easily relieve all your stress from work and the busy city traffic. Another advantage of having your own log cabin is that you can have your own private place to unwind without paying for the usual cabin rental fees.

Although building your first log cabin may sound challenging to you, all the efforts and money that you have invested will surely be worth it once you can enjoy your own space for relaxation. After having a log cabin on your own property, prepare to live your life like a one big holiday!

If you are still not convinced, read more about the top 4 reasons why you should build a log cabin on your property now.


  1. Care for the environment.

Choosing timber over traditional construction materials (such cement and steel) in building your cabin is actually one of the simplest things that you can do to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. You can even replace your used logs if you buy your materials from an eco-friendly source. If you are looking for a trusted log cabin company, then consider I Like Log Cabins. I Like Log Cabins offers a wide range of choices for building your own cabin.

Timber logs are renewable materials which do not harm the environment. If you replace a certain piece from your cabin, you can still use it as a fuel source. You can use these old logs for cooking roast dishes or for lighting up your fireplace.

Log cabin construction is also way less harmful to the environment than traditional home construction in terms of energy usage. Also, since it is constructed in a shorter time, the process exponentially reduces carbon emission from construction machinery and hand tools.


  1. Improve your health.

Logs have the natural ability to stabilize air moisture inside the cabin and minimize the growth of bacteria and molds which may cause different kinds of illnesses and trigger allergies.

Studies show that waking up every morning to the sight of nature and natural materials can help uplift a person’s mood and energy. The result is an improved mental and physical health. Similar to the stage of sleep, the feeling of relaxation inside a log cabin can also help the body to repair worn out tissues and to regulate blood circulation.


  1. Cut on the costs.

Log cabins are considered as energy-efficient structures since the logs themselves are good natural insulators. The inside of the cabin stays warm during cold seasons while during summer, the logs help ventilate the area with cool dry air.

Yes, log cabin construction is a major investment. But once it is already completed, you can immediately cut down on the costs. According to studies, you can save up to 20% on your electricity bills on a log cabin compared to a house of the same area but built with modern construction materials. With the right thickness and type of log, you can find that cabins actually reduce the cost of your energy bills compared to maintaining a conventional house.


  1. Get more investment opportunities.

Building a log cabin gives you more options to invest your money. Instead of spending your money on expensive electricity bills and high-maintenance housing units, why not invest on something more meaningful? Invest now on your dream vacation, your children’s education, and family health care plans.