5 Tips to transforming your garden into an outdoor oasis

Your garden is a place for relaxation. Whether it’s for ornamental or farming purposes, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a place where nature abounds. Transforming your garden into an outdoor oasis is a good idea specially this coming spring. If you’re looking for tips and ideas into making this transformation a reality, you’re in the right place!

Before calling in your trusted gardener and renting equipment from Rent1 USA, make sure you have a plan in mind. Read on to find 5 tips in turning your garden into an outdoor oasis:

  1. Choose your garden type

A variety of plants and flowers can make a dramatic effect on your garden. Plants that are calm inducing and flowers that are fragrant will make your garden feel like heaven. Consider the type of refuge you envision for your space.

Do you want a zen inspired Japanese garden? Then stick to natural plants, wood, and clean lines and aesthetics. Bamboo, stones, and other traditional Japanese ornaments like small lanterns and pagodas complete the look for this serene refuge.

A cottage garden is also another type of oasis you can build at your yard. This style began during the English Tudor period where ornamental gardens serve as a sign of wealth. A cottage garden is filled with plants, colorful flowers, and herbs, making it a garden of form and function. Daisies, roses, and foxgloves are common flowers you’ll see here, along with herbs such as thyme, rosemary, and sage.

If you want to go classic, then maybe a traditional rose garden is for you. A classic English rose garden is filled with a variety of roses and varied hybrids, some planted together, and some working its way across trellises and brick walls.

  1. Install ambient lighting

Subtle lighting is helpful in emphasizing the beauty of an outdoor garden. You can try hanging garden lanterns and installing small lighting fixtures to provide an intimate vibe during the night. String lights and floating candles also offer a romantic ambiance to the space and make it look really magical. If you have a garden path, it also helps to add floor lighting to avoid stumbling.

  1. Turn it into a private space

Privacy is important in keeping your garden oasis a peaceful retreat. This isn’t to say you should completely hide your garden and keep everyone out. By installing some wooden screens and curtain you create a space that’s quiet, serene, and at the same time mysterious.  Putting a level of seclusion to your garden makes it more attractive, intimate, and relaxing.

  1. Install a water feature

Most gardens include a water feature either in a form of a fountain, a fish pond, or a cascading water wall. Water symbolizes peace and tranquility and adds purity and life to your gardenscape. Whether you want to go as big as building a koi pond, or as small as having a rain chain cascading on a traditional clay pot, the choice is yours. But rest assured that the effect of adding a water element on your garden speaks wonders.

  1. Put outdoor seating

You can’t fully enjoy your garden oasis if you don’t install a seating area in the midst of it where you can settle into. Whether it’s a bench to enjoy the fragrant bushes around, or an outdoor lounge with chairs and tables, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable in it. You can add a fire pit, put some blankets and throw pillows, and enjoy a night out with your friends under the starry sky.