August in a flower garden

August in a flower garden can be a bit of a challenge. Summer is good underneath approach and many herbaceous plants have reached their best flowering peak. You could be pardon for meditative that this month is a month of tidying up. However, with a bit of brazen formulation and some peaceful support we can pattern a planting intrigue that will safeguard that we have plants that flower good into a tumble as good as enlivening those progressing flowering ones to furnish second flushes. So in-between relaxing and enjoying summer in your garden, take a impulse to check this brief sign of things we should be doing in a flower garden during August.

Once wayward roses have finished flowering shear them back, stealing shoots that have finished flowering. Continue to deadhead herbaceous plants such as lady’s mantle, nepeta and delphiniums. Trim behind any vanishing perennials and put a cuttings onto a compost heap. To safeguard a delay of proposal perennials, take cuttings and move them on in a greenhouse. Also take cuttings of lavender, virtuoso and long-lived wall flowers. Take cuttings of shrubs such as heather, geranium, hydrangea and fuchsia.


Buy bulbs for tumble planting such as tulips, alliums, iris and crocus. Narcissus bulbs can be planted out now to flower subsequent spring. Plant a rest towards a finish of a month solely for tulips that shouldn’t be planted until during slightest November. Remove any leaves on roses that uncover signs of blackspot and continue to deadhead as prolonged as we don’t wish a plant to furnish hips in a autumn. Clear divided any spent bedding plants and reinstate with forget-me-nots and wallflowers. Deadhead dahlias and they will continue to flower good into fall. Once lavender has finished flowering, mislay a flower heads and trim easily into shape.
Collect seed from those perennials that have finished flowering and store in labelled paper envelopes until we are prepared to boar them subsequent spring. Towards a finish of a month is a good time to plant shrubs such as conifers and hedging plants. Prepare a dirt initial by digging in copiousness of good rotted fertiliser or compost. Make certain any high flourishing late perennials such as chrysanthemums are staked to plant supports.