Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Patterned Accent Pillows Now

Photo: soniatanoh on Instagram 

If you’re looking for ways to brighten your home, look no further than accent pillows for an instant dose of style. Whether you have a minimalist palette or you’re looking to experiment with a variety of bright shades, patterned cushions can easily illuminate your entire space. As we prepare to bundle up in the great indoors in an effort to avoid the freezing temperatures, we’ve compiled our favourite ways to decorate with pillows now.

Turn to bohemian chic accents for a dose of style: If you prefer boho chic décor to sleek and modern touches, try accessorizing your space with an artistic pillow in shades of navy blue. The look white and dark blue swirls or abstract patterns help to create a chic look, while neutral area rugs are a striking effect against a colourful, quirky pillow. Add stately wooden shelves, framed artwork and ivory walls for the ultimate finish.

Photo: securedecor on Instagram 

Use pink and white for a girlish effect: Try adorning your bedroom with accent cushions in shades of soft white and pale pink, with stripes for a preppy feel. As for the rest of your chamber, stick to a gorgeous magenta and grey colour scheme for a chic contrast. 

Photo: mais_oui_decor on Instagram 

Accessorize with blue and white for a country inspired look: Even if you reside in bustling downtown, the look of splashy blue and white floral prints can usher country charm into your space. Place the pillows on plush white sofas, and contrast the rustic shades against wicker accents and a classic wooden table.