Bring Trendy Cork Walls Into Your Home Now


Photo: houseoflilydutch on Instagram 

Cork might have once been relegated to a circular house above your desk, though it has given turn a select décor fad. In fact, cork walls are slated to turn a stylish interior pattern trend for a year ahead. While 2017 might still be a few weeks away, it’s never too early to welcome this surprisingly stylish element during home. We’ve curated a few worldly ways to adorn with cork this winter, in gripping with your upscale decorating tastes.

Turn to pleasant impulse and neat accents: If you’re longing a pleasant shun but withdrawal a 4 walls of your vital room, cork might be your solution. Contrast your textured, irritable cork walls opposite musical mistake palm trees, white hardwood flooring and a potion tip coffee table. Meanwhile, beige leather ottomans, woven wicker baskets and a slim china flare assistance to chaperon in modern, neat décor.


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Use cork bricks for a cold effect: For anyone who isn’t utterly prepared for a demeanour of full-on cork, cork bricks might be a intelligent interior pattern move. Try adorning a classical vital room with matter cork section walls, with grey embellished walls and creamy sofas for a resisting touch. Add slim wooden shelving and red leather seats for a spirit of glorious during home.


Photo: michellegersoninteriors on Instagram 

Combine light cork walls with confidant prints: If we cite over-the-top fact in your vital room, trade in your standard dim cork walls for a lighter grey colour. Meanwhile, a demeanour of grey snakeskin prints, a soothing pacifist grey lounge and eye-catching musical pillows in shades of blue and white assistance to finish your decorating statement.