Bronze Décor Is The Coolest New Update On Metallic Design

Photo: luizamonari_arquiteta on Instagram 

While mixed metals certainly enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame this past season, bronze décor is set to rule in the year ahead. For Winter 2017, bronzed accents can immediately impart a glowing, warm aesthetic as we shield ourselves from the frigid great outdoors. We’ve curated a few easy ways to embrace bronze interior design in the season ahead.

Turn to bronze chrome lamps and coffee tables: To immediately brighten your living room, use a bronze chrome coffee table for a modernized, funky touch. Meanwhile, the effect of a matching bronze decorative lamp and dove grey sofas helps to complete your decorating statement.

Use an ornate bronze mirror for a touch of glamour: If you’re wondering how to illuminate your space without the look of wall-to-wall bronze, look no further than a bronze mirror. An elaborate oversized mirror can lend gleaming polish to just about any room in your home, and easily contrast against ivory walls or neutral furniture.

Accessorize your kitchen sink with stylish bronze faucets: Stainless steel and gold hardware may have enjoyed their moment in the sun, but chic bronze doesn’t always mean third place! In fact, this sophisticated metal can accent your kitchen sink in true trendsetting form. Use bronze faucets, white marble countertops and an ivory colour palette to create the ultimate modern kitchen this year.