Caring For Wild Roses

Wild roses are source of all other rose species. They are found in the wild, hence their name — wild roses. They have small single flowers with usually five petals. These are normally not pruned, but it is during the early stage of growth that they must be shaped so that they will not grow too wildly.

Sometimes, wild roses are easy to detect because of their color. Their colors can range from pink, yellow or white. They will become very hardy, and, given the chance, will grow into large climbers or bushes. Because of their hardiness, they become resistant to diseases and pests. The flowers will appear only during summer and will sometimes be followed by attractive hips during autumn.

Caring for wild roses can be done as with the normal roses, although wild roses can be hard to restore. You must give a lot of attention to the wild rose if you wish to bring one back.

If you want to turn your wild roses into healthy ones, you must be patient and fertilize it regularly. There are fertilizers available in the market that can be very useful in reviving your roses.

wild roses

All plants and bushes need to be watered properly. Not too little, not too much, just right. Adequate water can revive the old soil in which your wild roses have grown. This will make the soil damp and refreshed. You should water slowly, taking care not to over-water.

To keep your wild roses flourishing remove surrounding bushes as they may consume the fertilizers you use taking nourishment from the rose.

wild roses2yellow wild roses

Pests are everywhere and that includes on your plants. To prevent pests, you can inspect your roses for deadwood. For wild roses, it is expected to have some areas of the plant as withered and non-thriving. You should remove the dead areas to reduce pest infestation.

You can also prune your wild roses. By pruning, you can shape the rose plant rather than having it branch out and appear wild. But do remember to only prune during the proper season.