Chic And Practical Closet Décor Ideas For The Fashionista

If you’ve been indulging in shopping sprees the past few weeks, chances are that you’re replenishing your wardrobe with new Spring 2017 staples. Whether your poison of choice happens to be shoes or purses, chances are that your closet itself is also in need of organization. As you colour code all your favourite new outfits and decide what to wear each morning, we’ve curated a few foolproof tips to keeping your wardrobe tidy.

Photo: nanossacasinha on Instagram 

Turn to white shelving units for an instant storage solution: For the fashionista with countless blouses and sweaters, shelves can offer space to store your favourite tops. Try updating your closet space with a series of white wooden shelves which can help you organize everything from handbags to garments. Meanwhile, adding small wicker baskets to the shelves can allow you to keep your necklaces and bracelets from tangling. If you find yourself struggling to find your favourite accessories every day, baskets arranged on shelves can be your answer.

Photo: umclosetassim on Instagram 

Consider an open closet for a funky and spacious aesthetic: Not only will an open concept closet allow you to easily admire all your fashion finds; it also proves to be an organizational breakthrough. Keeping in line with contemporary design trends, an open closet can receive a boost from quirky shelves made of textured, reclaimed wood. Add an area rug and some metallic touches to truly feel like a star in her dressing room.

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Think all-white and minimalist: Taking the trend of the open closet to new extremes, minimalism may come in useful for keeping track of your outfit of the day. Less clutter equals organization, which means that finding that must-have dress will no longer be a dreaded task. We are liking the idea of slender white metallic clothing racks, cool grey hardwood floors and smooth ivory-painted drawers. Add a few springtime blossoms in a vase, and prepare to create a new home sweet home for your Spring 2017 wardrobe.