Colors Of Nov Garden

Colors Of Nov Garden – Nov is mostly suspicion of as a start of a gardening year, a month when traditionally trees and shrubs are planted. But for me, a excellence of Nov lies in a colors. Leaves are branch on a trees and even a passed stems of perennials yield a distinguished backdrop opposite a demonstration of gold, bronze, reds and browns.

Plants for tone in a fall

Evergreen shrubs are a contingency have in a fall garden. As leaves fall, their distinguished colors yield a focal indicate for a Nov garden in this eve-changing season. Some of a best evergreens embody Arbutus unedo or Strawberry tree. This compact, slow-growing plant has flowers and red fruit during a same time in late fall. Erica carnea or winter flowering heather comes in several shades of pinkish and white and yield a solid detonate of tone resistant to many temperatures and wind. Viburnum davidii is a tiny evergreen plant that has bunches of honourable berries in a poetic shade of bluish durability late into winter.

Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo)

Skimmia is one of a favorite evergreen shrubs in Nov garden. Hardy and compress it is useful for winter interest. There are several opposite varieties with flowers trimming from low red to dark green. Be aware yet that some varieties are unisex, so it takes dual underbrush to emanate berries. There also a series of winter flowering Clematis now accessible if we wish to yield some winter seductiveness and lighten adult a asleep tree or unclothed wall. Some of a best embody clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ that is evergreen and winter flowering, with bell-shaped creamy-white flowers from Dec to February. Clematis ‘Lansdowne Gem’ has abounding claret colored flowers for several months during winter and appealing seed heads once flowering is over.

If we have outside planters station dull during a winter months, try some evergreen shrubs such as potted topiary regulating box. Or we could fill them with winter bedding plants such as ornamental cabbages and winter flowering pansies.

Viburnum davidii


Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’