Cool DIY Decorating Ideas For Summer

If you’re wondering how to decorate your humble home without splurging or breaking your budget, the easiest solution is DIY design. After all, you get the satisfaction of being inventive, as well as a handmade final product which speaks volumes of your creativity. Whether you’re hoping to redecorate your walls or transform a shelf, turn to do-it-yourself interior design this season. We’ve curated a few decorating ideas to help you turn your space around in a few simple steps.

Photo: heidiswapp on Instagram 

Transform your home office desk: Whether you’re working on your own website or bringing extra projects home from the office, there’s nothing like a beautiful home office. Try drawing your cues from this image, and creating your own banner. According to heidiswapp, gold clips and string can easily be transformed into a photo frame banner.

Photo: charming_imperfection on Instagram 

Get rustic: This season, look no further than the rustic and quaint beauty of the countryside as you decorate your beautiful home. This Instagram snapshot reveals a chic setting created with salvaged wood. From a wooden sign to woven wreaths and a white-painted table, turn to farmhouse chic for your design inspiration.

Photo: wallart.mbkz on Instagram 

Use wall art as a way to get crafty: You be considering springing for new artwork at home, but we all know that purchasing painting is an expensive habit! Instead, channel your inner artist, and create a memorable painting of your own. From an oversized drawing of fruit to a colourful canvas which immediately lights up the room, your space will instantly become more vibrant.