Cool Patterned Blinds Steal The Spotlight As A Home Trend


Photo: rebecca_atwood on Instagram 

While fragile white fate might have been your go-to window treatments for a summer months, transitioning your lightweight covers to clear prints is a confidant pierce for September. As we ready for early tumble décor, a demeanour of patterned blinds can assistance we to rouse a minimalistic space into a beautiful area. We’ve curated a favourite ways to incorporate a season’s smart blinds into your home now.

Turn to fragile watercolour prints and resisting patterned sofas: If we cite an now eye-catching statement, irradiate your vital room with alluring and modernized blinds in shades of white and dark blue. Meanwhile, a demeanour of distinguished ivory walls, black and white marble imitation sofas and black print frames completes a irritable decorating scheme.

green blinds

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Contrast immature and blue florals opposite dark immature furnishings: The days of summer might sadly be entrance to an end, though there’s no law that we can’t welcome garden desirous prints as we change seasons. Jump into Sep with perfect floral fate in shades of light immature and blue. Meanwhile, a vital room filled with pastel immature sofas, coordinating area rugs and white and immature accent pillows ushers colour into your space.


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Embrace nautical blue and white tones: If you’re still pining for those unconstrained weekends on a beach, keep a summer suggestion clever good into a initial weeks of a new season. Try light blue and white blinds ornate with zig-zag patterns, along with turquoise-hued sheets for your bedroom. Add touches of burnt orange and white to facilely agree a nautical shades of a window treatment, and fast renovate your bedroom.