Create The Apartment Of Your Dreams This Back To School Season With These Ideas

Now that you have finally moved out of your college dorm, it is time to decorate your new apartment. While it’s exciting to start decorating your own place, it can also be quite tricky to create a cohesive design. Moving into your own place is a big deal, yet it can come at a high price. Having an apartment that is trendy and chic at an affordable price is totally doable. Here are some tricks to help you save some money without missing out on style for a chic apartment:

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Create a gallery wall: Decorate your place with all kinds of images and art pieces in order to create a gallery wall. There are many places that have affordable images, or you can even print images online that suit your interests. What will create a trendy look, is adding all sorts of frames (both thick and thin) to the images. Examples of frames to hang up could include cute quotes, mirrors, initial letters, or images of celebrities. With a wall filled of all different size images and frames, you will create a very eye-pleasing and trendy space to look at. You can create a gallery wall behind your desk to get you inspired, or place the images behind your couch in the living room.


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Revamp your furniture: While you are probably using your old couch from home, or your cousin’s end table in your room, there is an easy way to revamp these older, run down pieces. Spruce up these pieces of furniture by adding your own personal touch. Change the knobs of your dresser with new, chic knobs that have flowers on them or ones that are shimmery and glass. You can also glam up your living space by re-covering pieces like your couches or ottomans with alternate fabrics with designs and patterns on them. Another little trick is to paint your pieces of furniture to brighten up a room or change it up a bit.


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Dress it up with a personal touch: Once you’ve handled all of the basics, it’s time to express your creativity and personal style through decorative pieces. Try laying out some of your favourite books on your coffee table to act as coasters. Use mason jars to fill up all of your miscellaneous items lying around the house or fill them with pens or makeup brushes to make it look cuter. Another way to dress up your apartment is by investing in some pretty and good smelling candles to spread throughout. Candles look great in clusters, so try grouping a bunch together (all different heights) on top of your fireplace or on your coffee table. Picture frames of friends and family are both decorative and personable, which is nice to decorate your new apartment as well. Decorative pillows are also a great way to glam up a room that is more simple and understated.