Create the Perfect Fireplace For Your Home With These Décor Ideas

Decorating the fireplace is a great way to give your home a much-needed update and get you into the harvest season. By incorporating autumn hues, natural characters and pops of orange, your fireplace will be the feature statement of the house without the need to break the bank. Here are a few creative fall ready décor tips which will leave you ready to cozy up around the crackling fire this season.

1) Bring the outdoors to your home with nature-inspired ornaments: For an easy fall-inspired look, garnish your mantel with colourful leaves in hues of yellow, orange, brown and red for an earthy, organic effect. Use birch logs as accent pieces placed atop the mantel along with moss green hydrangeas in small pots as delicate features. Go pinecone picking in your garden and make a pinecone garland with some yarn to drape over the mantel.

2) Embellish your fireplace with wooden accents, mason jars and fabric for a rustic elegance: For that homey, cottage feel, bring texture to your fireplace with lace and burlap fabrics. Line the mantel with a cream lace table runner and bring a warm glow to the room with candle-lit mason jars for an intimate ambience. Entwine burlap around a wire wreath base to create a unique burlap wreath to hang above the fireplace. Add touches of wooden accents for a vintage chic appeal. A simple way is to furnish it with crates to store fluffy throws and pillows for an added touch of comfort.

3) Spruce it up with a simple DIY paper leaf garland: Get creative with this simple DIY décor that will sure make a subtle yet tasteful statement. Using pages from old books, cut out several leaf patterns and punch a hole to knot the twine through. You can use different books with different paper shades for an antique style. The text on the leaves give an added dimension to a simple silhouette. For that old-fashioned charm, pile a stack of books on top of the mantel. If you want a more cohesive look, wrap the book covers in burlap or use gold wrapping paper for a pop of metallic shine.

White fireplace decorated with pumpkins for Halloween

4) Brighten your fireplace with a festive orange scheme: Get into the Halloween spirit this fall by incorporating orange into your design. Display an assortment of pumpkins in front of the fireplace and create an arranged orange berry adornment in a vase to decorate the mantel. Further punctuate the fireplace by sprinkling amber LED lights on the mantel.

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