Decorate With Beautiful Bold Vases This Summer

With summertime blooms bringing a heavenly effect to gardens everywhere, summertime brings the perfect opportunity to infuse your space with breathtaking blossoms. Naturally, you’ll need a perfect container to house your florals, which means that vases are an essential part of Summer 2016 décor. As you search for a new home for your fresh sunflowers and tulips, we’ve rounded up our favourite decorative vase trends to embrace now.

Arrange a series of aqua vases in a variety of shapes and sizes: For a burst of seasonal colour, try refreshing your kitchen or dining room table with a combination of funky aqua vases. Look for decorative ombre finishes, soft white stripes and faded vintage chic finishes. Meanwhile, varying shapes and sizes help to complete your decorating statement and bring visual interest to your tabletop. Fill the vases with a handful of dainty purple, pink and white blooms for a pop of cheerful colour.


Photo: on Instagram 

Brighten a white and neutral kitchen with a gleaming gold vase: If you prefer metallics to sweet and soft pastels, embrace the season’s trend of gold accents with an elegant vase. Pair your shining golden vase with pink roses, sleek and modern white chairs and neutral woven place mats for the ultimate in understated chic.


Photo: christinajulsgaard on Instagram 

Channel your inner creative soul with a decorative porcelain jug: Take a break from the usual vase trends, and embrace an unconventional yet perfectly artistic home accent in the form of a painted porcelain jug. The look of bright splashes of paint on white ceramic can easily elevate a classic vase to an entirely new level.