Decorate With Country Inspired Pottery At Home This Season


Photo: karoundauguste_ceramics on Instagram 

For interior design gurus who are eager to bring cozy, country inspired décor into their space as we approach the season of holiday entertaining, pottery just may be your solution. With ceramics currently ruling the scene in home décor, pottery is making a splash in just about every room at home. Whether you want to incorporate ceramic vases into your kitchen or living room, we’ve curated a few winning ideas here.

Use an ornate ceramic vase to bring your space to life: From the most minimalist apartment to a luxurious country home, a colourful ceramic vase is a décor essential. The look of brilliant blue hues, slight metallic accents and luscious blooms helps you maintain a refreshed, cheerful vibe even as the temperatures drop.


Photo: mlceramics on Instagram 

Adorn your bathroom with a quaint ceramic soap dish: If you’re trying to keep your favourite scented bar of soap from slipping and sliding all over the place, then a soap dish can easily complete your space. Turn to neutral hues and classic square shapes for the perfect ceramic dish, while refreshing white towels help to maintain an air of simplicity in your bathroom.


Photo: piposheaceramics on Instagram 

Bring a welcoming vibe to your kitchen with ceramic dishes: Even if you rarely cook or entertain, there’s no doubt that ceramic dishes can bring a timeless, traditional vibe to basically any kitchen. Embrace the pottery trend, with simple ceramic plates and bowls in a multitude of pale blue hues. Add a striking ivory tablecloth for the ultimate visual contrast, and prepare to impress your dinner guests!