Decorate With Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year Ultraviolet

Although it may seem strange to decorate with bright, punchy shades of purple, Ultraviolet has officially been titled 2018’s Colour of the Year by Pantone Universe. With its brilliant purple tones, Ultraviolet can also illuminate your home and bring light to a large, neutral space. If you are wondering how to adorn your space with Pantone’s latest trending tone, here are a few tips for achieving the look this Winter 2018.

Photo: casa_nossa_25b on Instagram 

Funky kitchens: Try embracing bright colour in the form of purple-painted kitchen cabinets with a combination of wood and marble countertops. We are liking this particular kitchen, which features wooden floors and aluminum detail on the ceilings. For a contrasting effect, Ultraviolet cabinetry can transform a dull, neutral-coloured kitchen into a brand new room.

Photo: kikajunq on Instagram 

Varying shades of purple: For those who are seeing life in 50 shades of purple, you can always balance out your Ultraviolet with lavender and lilac tones. A painted armoire, dark purple walls and tribal printed rugs all come together beautifully in this exotic-looking living room.

Photo: spectrum_realty on Instagram 

Dreamy dining table: If you want to take baby steps into the Ultraviolet trend, turn to a hanging purple lamp or chandelier. Instead of an overwhelmingly Ultraviolet wall, a simple lighting solution will complete your décor. Meanwhile, a sleek white table, plush purple dining table chairs and an ivory shag rug combine to create a modern yet comforting space.