Decorate Your Home With Gorgeous Summertime Lampshades

Photo: matildagoad on Instagram 

If you don’t have time to repaint your entire home and you find yourself in the mood for an instant home makeover, there’s nothing quite like a new lampshade. For those who want an inviting space to welcome guests, beautiful ornamental lighting can transform even the most boring room in one’s humble abode. We’ve curated a few stylish ways to decorate with lamps this summer.

Turn to raffia as your decorative solution: Summertime calls for lightweight décor to help you replenish your space in style. Although you may have adorned your backyard or patio with raffia furniture, there’s nothing quite like bringing this fabric inside your own home. Try accessorizing your living room with a light brown or beige raffia lampshade and a wicker basket. Meanwhile, a wicker sofa with green and pink patterned cushions can bring a pop of colour into your décor scheme.

Photo: dm__living on Instagram 

Think sculptural for a funky finish: While classic lampshades have been dominating the scene for years, architectural lighting is a chic twist on old school lamps. To revitalize your sitting room, consider a black and white metallic sculptural lampshade. Turn to abstract artwork on the walls, verdant plush furnishings and off-white area rugs for a finishing touch.

Photo: azura.designs on Instagram 

 Go boho chic for a laidback feel: As bohemian fashion takes over the season’s runways, it has also won a place for it in the world of interior design. To truly channel the look, consider a patterned red and white textile lampshade. Meanwhile, printed area rugs and a soft grey sofa can effortlessly contrast against your lighting statement.