Decorate Your Space With Gorgeous Printed Area Rugs- Here’s How

If you’re wondering how to refresh your space for the upcoming lazy summer months, try drawing your inspiration from the exotic aesthetic of area rugs. For homeowners who aren’t in the mood for a top-to-bottom makeover, chic yet simplistic rugs can instantly rejuvenate your space. As you redecorate your humble abode this season, here are a few stylish area rug ideas to inspire you now.

Contrast brilliant ethnic printed rugs against fuchsia walls: Try taking off on an exotic getaway without leaving your property, by accessorizing with a printed rug in shades of violet and blue. Meanwhile, an accent wall in fuchsia or magenta can bring an instantly contrasting effect to your space. For an extra dose of colour and fun, turn to yellow painted chairs, funky patterned cushions and eye-catching framed artwork. Overall, the dramatic accents will help to complement your ethnic inspired area rug and bring flavour to your decorating statement.


Photo: on Instagram 

Accessorize a geometric print rug with neutral accents: For a burst of calm oceanic hues, try styling your living room floors with a green and blue geometric print rug. To enhance the look of the rich hues, decorate with a cream-coloured sofa, off-white walls and sleek wooden shelves.


Photo: eclectic_decor on Instagram 

Turn to vivid pink and orange diagonal stripes and earthy décor for a rustic effect: If you’re a bohemian spirit at heart, take comfort in energetic shades of coral, tangerine and snowy white. Use a diagonal striped rug to instantly illuminate your space, and contrast the funky hues against softer, earthy tones. For a graceful touch, try decorating your walls with metallic framed mirrors and adding pink polka dot pillows to a subtle beige sofa.