Decorate Your Sunroom With These Amazing Tips

After several months of wind and cold temperatures, the sun’s rays are finally peeking out from behind those dreary clouds. If you’re looking for a way to transform your sunroom into an illuminated, cheerful oasis, the warm weather should put you in the right mood to refresh your space! Here are five ways to transform your sunroom from a dated, unadorned space into a gorgeous solarium.

1) Emphasize the bright space with colourful rugs and cushions: To create an inviting space, add pops of colour if your sunroom has a muted, monochromatic aesthetic. Balance out a moody beige or grey space with bright tangerine couch cushions, a patterned area rug or contrasting throw blankets in fuchsia and teal tones.

2) Add mirrors to draw even more light into the room: While sunrooms often have a rugged, outdoorsy vibe as extension areas, you can easily transition yours into a modern, light-filled space. To decorate a plain white wall, add a few round mirrors with intricate metallic detail.

3) Play up the quaint, rustic element with wicker chairs: White cottage inspired wicker chairs may bring a stereotypical sunroom mind, but these classic seats help to create a calm, country style space. For a modern feel in an urban home, look for funky, structured wicker chairs in shades of blue or light brown.

4) Decorate your sunny haven with fresh floral arrangements: As long as you regularly water any fresh blooms which are placed right in the sunshine (it is a sunroom, after all), flowers can instantly brighten the area. Try arranging striking yellow tulips, daisies or a mixed bouquet in an artisan vase,  to bring a vibrant look into your luminous space.

5) Create a relaxed feel with airy sheer curtains: For window treatments which won’t entirely block the sun from illuminating the room, sheer white curtains offer the perfect solution. Flowing, light drapes also help to place the attention on the furnishings and décor in the room. When the temperatures rise in the afternoons, curtains will also help to keep the sun’s powerful rays from turning your sunroom into a sauna!