DIY All-Natural Methods For Controlling Bugs & Pests In Your Yard

Controlling bugs and pests in your home starts with doing the same thing for your yard. You want to make sure you don’t have a landscape that is inviting to pests. That can be a little difficult when you have a beautiful garden with flowers and especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables. It is also difficult when you consider the sheer number of pests that you are up against in this battle. That being said, here are some solid tips for pest control in your yard this summer.

Access Points Cleanliness

Pest control experts, first tell homeowners to address entry points, and that’s certainly important when it comes to larger pests. Does your yard have a fence? Is your shed secure? These measures can help keep larger pests out of your yard, but the bugs are a different story. That being said, simply maintaining your yard properly goes a long way.

Maintaining your yard according to certain standards is the next step. You certainly don’t want any overgrowth. This causes bugs and other pests to feel like they are free to start nesting. It’s not just about the grass, however, as you need to keep those bushes and trees trimmed, too.

Additionally, you don’t want any brush lying around in your yard. Those weeds attract pests as well, so you do need to take measures to get rid of weeds. You don’t want weeds growing in your yard anyway, right?

Garbage Control

What about the garbage? Do you keep the garbage far enough away from your home? Ideally, you want it kept outside whatever fence you have in place. At the same time, you want to be sure the garbage is covered. No matter where it is kept, you don’t want it attracting pests. Throw some meat out there too soon and leave the garbage lid open, and you’re ringing the dinner bell for the pests.

Do you have patio furniture? What about an outdoor swing? If you have any furniture or fixtures out on your lawn, you want to be sure that they aren’t attracting spiders and other pests. What you’re going to do is look for egg sacks, and you want to be on the lookout for spider webs, too.

Do you use firewood during the winter? If so, you need to be sure it is stored properly. Firewood up against a home can attract termites and other pests. This not only will bring those pests to your yard, but it will put them right up next to your home, ready to move in without notice. Keep that firewood away from your home if you have it stacked up outside on your lawn.

Those Mosquitoes Though

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes seem to show up when it rains? The water attracts the mosquitoes, and standing water is going to keep them around. Therefore, what you want to do is eliminate standing water, especially if it is up near your home. Standing water near a home can also cause foundational issues.

You don’t want the water on your lawn acting as a bat signal for mosquitoes. They will come calling, and these days, you especially don’t want them around with the mosquitoes carrying certain diseases like the Zika virus. Speaking of standing water, what about that mulch that is so beneficial when it comes to water retention?

Mulch beautifies your yard, but it can also be a problem when it comes to the pests. An alternative solution is to use rock or stone, but this cautionary tip doesn’t need to find you avoiding mulch. Just be careful not to let too much water build up, and check for problems from time to time. Additionally, you may not want to use the mulch in areas that are right up against your home.

Watch Your Patio

Your lawn may be clear, but do you have a patio? Sheds were already mentioned, and you need to keep them clean and tidy, too. If you have a patio or a deck, you may think everything is clean, but you have to remember you spend a lot of time out there. Maybe you enjoy those backyard barbecues. You have to keep everything not just clear but clean.

There are all kinds of flying insects besides the mosquitoes that were mentioned. Those bugs are attracted to light at night, but there are certain types of lights that can be used to help keep those bugs away. You want to use halogen lights that utilize a high-pressure sodium vapor. And if you set up extra outdoor lights, set them up several feet away from your home. What pests do show up don’t need to arrive on the airstrip with a red carpet laid out leading to the inside of your house.

Homemade Pest Spray

Do you use insecticides? Many people don’t like them but end up using them anyway. Would you like to use an all-natural solution to keep the bugs away in conjunction with the tips mentioned above? You can make a homemade insecticide instead.

You can mix vegetable oil with a mild soap in order to make what’s considered to be a natural insecticide. While that is certainly an option, you have already picked up on the fact that the soap doesn’t just contain all-natural ingredients. That being said, if you want to take this idea a step further, what you can use is neem oil.

The neem oil comes from the tree with the same name. It can be sprayed on the vegetation in your yard to keep those pests from feeding on everything. Neem oil is perhaps one of the best solutions for keeping pests away if you want to opt out of using insecticides.

What’s more is taking all these natural steps for a pest free lawn is going to make those bugs look elsewhere. They won’t be in your yard, much less in your home. You are going to notice a big difference as the steps you take start compounding like interest at the bank. Keep your lawn and home pest free throughout the year, and do it naturally.