Early March Gardening

Early March Gardening – March makes for the perfect time for gathering in bedding and patio plug plants and seedlings, to give you the biggest and best bedding displays ever! Pot up and plant out after the frosts have disappeared over the next few weeks to give you the best results this summer. Don’t forget all the essentials you’ll need: pots, seed trays, labels and the all-important compost!

Houseplant care

Give your houseplants a little TLC this March leave them feeling rejuvenated! Start by re-potting those that needs more room into bigger pots, and give them all a good feed. We know it’s easy to forget to feed them regularly, so we recommend a controlled-release fertilizer- simply feed and forget! Pesky pests will be lurking around at the minute, so keep your eyes peeled and kick them out! Check our range out, and find everything you’ll need for giving them a spring treat. From pots to compost, fertilizers to insecticide sprays.


Plants such as dogwoods and rubus are grown for their famed colorful stems, injecting vibrancy and life into your garden. See even more intense results later on in the year if you cut back the stems this month. If you’d like to add a colorful shrub to your garden.

Herbs are not just for the kitchen

Not many people realize that herbs can be grown simply for their flowers and pretty foliage rather than just for their culinary properties. Bringing an indulgent mix of scents and colors to your herb garden or beds and borders, herbs can have a multitude of uses.

Sow your seeds

Get your plants and vegetables off to a flying start early March by sowing your seeds in a heated greenhouse or light, warm place. Check online for all you’ll need: propagators, pots, trays, compost and labels.

Get to the greenhouse

If you’re eager to get in the greenhouse already, it’s good news! There’s plenty to be getting on with this month, such as sowing bedding and vegetable plants, and re-potting cutting taken from last year’s batches! Start dahlia, canna and begonia tubers into growth now for earlier blooms. Even more good news, find everything you need for the best results online: pots, trays, compost, labels, feeds and not forgetting pest controls!

Pond care

Spend a little time checking over your pond this month to make sure it’ll be up and running like clockwork this summer. Check over your pumps and filters for any damage, and replace now if necessary. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place should you need a replacement, without having to leave your living room!


Unfortunately, as your plants grow, the pests will start to show! So make sure your plants grow strong and healthy this year and aren’t held back by pesky pests. Look out especially for slugs, aphids, whitefly, scale insects, and red spider mites along with many nasty diseases.

Feed your plants

As winter starts to fade away, your plants will really benefit from a good feed in early March gardening, as they begin to come into growth. We recommend using a general granular fertilizer such as Blood, Fish and Bone, or Growmore or a controlled-release fertilizer for an easy once a year feed.

Don’t forget roses

Hybrid tea, floribunda and climbing roses will benefit from pruning during early March gardening to give them the best start this year. It’s worth investing in a decent pair of secateurs, loppers and thorn-proof gloves, all of which we have available. Ensure to spray with an insecticide and fungicide afterwards to give them added protection. We recommend feeding with a granular rose fertilizer, and mulching with a composted bark or well-rotted manure- our top tips for big blooms.

The best March’s plants

Add instant color and interest into your garden this month with camellias, clematis armandii, forsythia, azaleas and rhododendrons, along with of herbaceous perennials.