Easy Wallpaper Decorating Ideas For Your Space

Although wallpaper may have once held a reputation as a dated décor choice, the look of brilliant abstract prints and playful patterns is no longer passé. In fact, wallpaper has returned to the forefront of home décor this year, with endless decorating ideas allowing humble homeowners to channel their inner interior design fanatic. If you’re willing to embrace this once-tacky 1980s staple and bring it into 2016, here’s how to embrace the look of wallpaper this season.

Brighten a neutral space with brilliant yellow wallpaper art and colourful accent pillows: As we approach spring temperatures, usher sunshine into your home with beautifully framed wallpaper art in shades of yellow and white. To complete the sunny wallpaper statement, adorn the rest of your room with contrasting ivory walls, a magnificent white chandelier and rainbow-hued accent pillows. Meanwhile, a white table lamp and a funky printed coffee table can help to offset the eye-catching wallpaper.


Photo: thibaut_1886 on Instagram

Use feminine pink and white prints to illuminate a snowy white room: If you’re a girly girl at heart, welcome the season’s pretty shades with rose pink and white patterned wallpaper. Look for quirky circular prints to immediately seize the attention of your guests, and decorate your space with a striking white side table or cabinet. For a finishing touch, fresh blooms in a glass vase and white porcelain home accents can showcase the cool geometric print and refreshing pink hue.


Photo: thibaut_1886 on Instagram

Turn to blue floral prints for a punchy burst of colour: This spring, deep and enriched blues can instantly eliminate any signs of wintertime melancholy and pave the way for fierce colour instead. For a change from the usual stripes and solid shades, consider using blue and white wallpaper with a quaint floral motif. Naturally, a brilliant cobalt blue armchair paired with pale hardwood floors can lend a striking effect to the wallpaper choice.


Photo: wallpaperfactory on Instagram 

Bring a youthful touch into your living room with black and white polka dots: Not only are vintage inspired polka dots a great choice for a springtime frock, they can also easily jump from your wardrobe to your walls. Try embracing this fashionable print with bold black and white polka dot wallpaper for an adventurous décor look. To balance out the pattern, turn to an ornate metallic lamp, chic grey sofa and black and white throw pillows. Whether you’re hosting friends from out of town or simply lounging on the couch on your day off, you can rest assured that those polka dots will light up the room!