Embrace Mixed Metals At Home With These Tips

For décor lovers who are unsure how to revitalize their spaces for Winter 2016, the look of mixed metals is the perfect combination of sophistication and warmth this season. Whether your living room is in need of a decorative finish or you’re in the mood for a bedroom upgrade, here are a few simplistic and stylish ways to bring this décor trend into your humble abode.

Incorporate sleek silver and copper into your kitchen: Metallic lighting fixtures can help to modernize your kitchen and create a funky, fresh feel at home. Use copper pendant lights to contrast against your silver faucets, cabinet handles and gleaming appliances.

Combine chrome and nickel for a striking combination: If the look of brilliant copper or shimmering silver is far too extravagant for a smaller space, try including chrome and nickel fixtures for a subtle take on the trend. A streamlined chrome coffee table can bring simplicity to your living room, while nickel hardware can add a polished effect to your kitchen.

Use luxurious velvet textures to contrast against mixed metallic finishes: For the ultimate in glamour, try incorporating a velvet armchair in a rich burgundy shade into a space with soft golden and silver décor. Not only will you create a gorgeous contrast against your metallic accents, the varied textures also help to craft an eclectic, fashionable space.


Photo: Real Houses Of… (@realhousesof) on Twitter 

Accessorize silver home accents with a polished gold side table: For a space which instantly evokes glamour, try redecorating your living room with a stunning metallic colour palette of silver and gold. To create a refined and chic vibe, accessorize your bare walls with decorative silver plates and add an ornate golden side table. The combination will bring even the most minimalist spaces to life, while a slender golden table adds a delicate finishing touch.

Contrast creamy white décor with gold and brass touches: The look of off-white shades can help to tone down the striking, eye-catching first impression of metallic decorative accents. Unless you’re aiming for a living room which sparkles like a treasure chest, balance out the mixed metals with a cream-coloured sofa or a soft white shaggy rug. For a flawless touch, add an ornate brass lamp and large rectangular gold mirror to complement your white furnishings.