Embrace Winter Whites At Home With A Flawless Ivory Sofa

Photo: darwishfurniture on Instagram 

With the snow falling delicately outside and fashionistas gradually bundling up in cozy white layers, there’s nothing quite like ivory to bring a wintry finish to your home. Winter whites, usually spotted as street style essentials, can be equally stylish for the long, frozen days spent in the great indoors. If you’re wondering how to decorate with white, the ivory sofa is a perfect way to complement a neutral living room or bring a softening touch to a more vibrant one. Here are a few inspiring ways to embrace the humble white couch today.

Contrast sleek sofas with black and white wall art: If your decorating taste happens to be elegant and refined, you just may gravitate toward padded white sofas created out of smooth leather. Accessorize your sofas with a charcoal grey area rug, potted violets and striking black and white floral wall art.

Photo: home_decor_pics on Instagram 

Adorn your sofa with grey and cream cushions: While white can look perfectly stunning on its own, the addition of soft neutral accent cushions can bring an otherwise minimalist couch to entirely new heights. Decorate with cream-coloured and grey pillows, and then turn to cream or blush-coloured curtains to flatter your décor. 

Photo: pameladaileydesign on Instagram 

Turn to metallics for the perfectly juxtaposition: To bring a contrasting edge to your stylish and sophisticated seating, look no further than the inclusion of metallics. From a light gold accent pillow to tiny decorative tables with copper-toned legs, metallic elements can showcase the striking beauty of white furniture. Meanwhile, the perfect bouquet of pink blooms, along with dark wooden panelling, help to create a space which will make any decorating diva proud.