Fringe Home Décor Is The Latest In Boho Chic Design

Photo: maggpierentals on Instagram 

While we’ve all become familiar with the fringed skirts and suede vests which have become fashion essentials, the boho chic movement has also shifted to interior design. As a result, fringed accents are quickly adorning homes everywhere, causing a sensation with texture and a low key, whimsical attitude. We’ve curated our favourite ways to decorate with fringed accents this season, whether you want to revamp your bedroom or your living room.

Turn to woven tapestries and lamps: Try ushering an exotic Moroccan feeling into your space in the form of fringed wall tapestries. Adorn your walls with hanging fringe creations, and turn to coordinating neutral couch cushions for a finishing touch. Meanwhile, potted plants, metallic gold wall art and a vintage inspired sofa in a soft lavender hue wraps up your decorating statement.

Photo: lasso.abode on Instagram 

Use brown suede pillows to bring a rustic energy to your bedroom: For a Western inspired feeling without having to escape to the ranch, turn to fringed suede pillows in a rich brown hue. Accent your decorative cushions with flowing white curtains, pristine blue and white bedsheets and a wooden bed frame.

Photo: lasso.abode on Instagram 

Transform your space with fringed sheets and curtains: The tapestry inspired effect isn’t simply limited to your living room- it can rejuvenate your bedroom just as easily. Add cream-coloured linen sheets detailed with delicate fringe to your personal chamber. To complete the look, add fringed beige curtains and mini cacti for a finishing touch.