Gardening In February

Gardening In Feb – If we demeanour delicately we will start to see a initial signs of open in a garden this month. Catkins seem on trees, a initial bulbs start to poke their heads tray a dirt and a few dauntless flowers start to appear. With Jan over, gardeners start to demeanour brazen to spring. But this month can be delayed to rise in a garden, so use a time to finish those winter jobs still left to do. Here are a categorical jobs we should be removing on with this month in a garden and a few of a plants that will be looking their best this early in a year.



General garden tasks in February

Lime poison dirt in willingness for planting brassicas in open to forestall bar root. Make certain that we finish off winter digging, nonetheless as February tends to be on a soppy side this competence infer difficult. Now is also a time to emanate any new borders or beds in a garden and a time to sequence plants, quite block plants. Prepare for a bustling deteriorate forward by cleaning out H2O storage barrels, watering cans, pots and seed trays.

Jobs in a flower bed

Cut behind aged passed stems of perennials in herbaceous borders. You competence also wish to order aged clumps of herbaceous perennials by digging them up, dividing them with a scoop or flare and afterwards re-planting a smaller clumps we have done around a garden. Prune winter Jasmine and cut behind buddleia to low flourishing rising shoots. Now is also a time to plant lily-of-the-valley crowns.

Winter jasmine

Pruned winter Jasmine

Jobs in a greenhouse

If a continue is not too cold, start dahlia tubers and lily bulbs into expansion in a greenhouse. On balmy days fan a hothouse by opening a windows and door, though make certain we H2O over-wintered plants as small as possible. Clean hothouse potion to kill of any remaining pests and diseases and to make a many of a winter light. Sow early vegetables such as lettuce, leeks, onions, peas and extended beans in pots. Chit potatoes by station them in trays in a light though frost-free position.


Dahlia tubers

The unfeeling garden

Prepare a dirt for early sowing and cover with polythene sheeting to comfortable it up. Now is a time to plant shallots and Jerusalem artichokes. Finish pruning fruit trees and soothing fruit canes and feed with sulphate of potash.


As this month tends to see a lot of rainfall, make certain we keep off a weed as most as possible. However, if a continue is amiable and dry we competence be means to reap a weed on a high blade setting.


Winter aconite

Plants to demeanour out for in February

You competence have seen a initial signs of them in January, though now is when snowdrops come into their own. They share this month with winter aconites that poke their balmy yellow heads above a belligerent about now. Primroses or primula vulgaris are one of a beginning wildflower to show. Happy to grow in prejudiced shade, their ethereal lemon colored flowers will beauty a belligerent underneath trees or on grassy banks. You can also buy cultivated varieties as bedding plants this month. They come in a accumulation of colors and will hearten adult any garden planters we have dull on a patio. Bergenia or elephant’s ears also in flowers this month. Bright pinkish flowers on high stems emerge from vast obese immature leaves. Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ or disfigured hazel looks poetic in February, when feathery yellow catkins seem on the disfigured stems. Hellebores are also a contingency for this month.