Give Your Home A Deep Clean With These 10 Essentials

Cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle, especially when all you need are 10 simple items designed to make your chores a little easier and more efficient. Listed below are 10 items that are easy to use, easy to store and will have your home squeaky clean!

1) Microfiber cloths
-These cloths are designed to absorb 99.9% of bacteria and they are machine washable which makes them perfect for reuse.

2) White vinegar and baking soda
-Vinegar is perfect for faucets and window sills while baking soda makes a great odour neutralizer.

3) Scrub brush
-Perfect for removing burned food in your oven, and mildewed tile.

4) Spray bottle
-It’s an easy storage container for homemade stain-removal solutions and it is super easy to use.

5) Rubber gloves
-Save your manicure and your skin from harsh chemicals with rubber gloves that have a foam lining as opposed to a cotton one.

6) Toothbrush
-Use an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach areas around the house. Toothbrushes are perfect for under toilet hinges, showerhead holes and oven knobs.

7) All purpose cleaner and disinfecting wipes
-This spray can be used on almost any surface and makes cleaning easier due to its multiple uses.
-These wipes are so convenient and easy to use and you can use them to disinfect almost anything quickly and efficiently.

8) Squeegee
-These are perfect for cleaning because they won’t leave any residue or streaks. Its rubber edge is perfect for mirrors and shower doors.

9) Broom and duster
-Brooms and dusters are meant for quick sweeps and quick dusts for the fireplace, collectables and floors.

10) Sponge mop
-Forget the old-fashion mop and bucket and go modern with an easy to use sponge mop sure to eliminate any mud puddle or spill.