Gold Décor Ideas For A Festive Home This Season

While warm sapphire blue and magenta jewel tones took center stage for fall decorating, gold is making a comeback for the holidays with golden ornaments, furnishings and textiles. Turn your home into a lavish space for the holidays with rich gold tones for a touch of metallic sparkle. If you’re looking to incorporate this festive colour into your neutral design scheme, try these gold décor ideas to help you prepare for the upcoming winter celebrations.

1. Accessorize your living space with gold lighting fixtures: Create an opulent feel in your home’s interior by swapping out your ceiling fans for an elegant pendant lighting fixture with gold hard wares and ornate designs. Hang this above your dining table for a luxurious and intimate dining ambience, or if you have high ceilings spanning the widths of your room, use the jewel gold hue lighting to accentuate the vast space.

2. Make an eye-catching décor statement with a gold side table: For crafty designers looking to embrace the golden metallic hues for the holiday season, update the stainless steel pulls and knobs on your white side table with brass handles for a modern style with a Victorian flair. For a more bold design, refurbish an old wooden side table by spray painting its exterior with even coats of gold for a glamorous statement piece.

3. Adorn your bed and windows with golden-yellow threads: Sleep like royalty with gold textiles to add texture to your bedroom. Decorate your windows with bronzy yellow drapes for that warm sun-kissed glow and lay out plush golden silk pillow throws against your headboard with porcelain white satin sheets for a regal look.

4. Dress up your kitchen and dining area with gold accents: Launch your holiday dinner party with gold décor accents. Replace traditional seating with metallic chairs to pair it with a wooden farm dining table for a blend of industrial and rustic. Revamp your kitchen with gold penny-coin backsplash with glass tiles to add metallic flecks to a snowy white kitchen.