Gorgeous Decorating Ideas For Your Backyard Pool Deck

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool, you’re probably looking forward to the soaring temperatures in the season ahead. After all, the arrival of yet another fleeting Canadian summer offers an opportunity to tan, even from the comfort of your own deck! For anyone whose backyard pool area is currently a messy sight, try upgrading this space with glamorous décor. Just in time for pool party season, here are a few decorating ideas which will surely bring a chic, beach-ready vibe to your deck.

Accessorize with black wicker patio furniture and patterned cushions: If you plan to sip cocktails by the pool, try creating a comforting space with black wicker furnishings and a neutral woven mat. For a finishing touch, use ivory seat cushions and patterned accent pillows in contrasting shades of pastel green and white.


Photo: dreammakerslandscape on Instagram 

Add a rustic outdoor fire pit for a welcoming effect: Whether you want to dial up the romance factor or simply have a warm space for drafty summertime evenings, invest in an outdoor fire pit. Arrange metal chairs, greenery and brickwork around this space for the ultimate in relaxation during the warmer months.


Photo: porchdotcom on Instagram

Turn to decorative rocks and water fountains for the ultimate in elegance: For anyone with a larger space who is dreaming of a pool paradise, the look of large, ornamental stones instantly adds character. Contrast the heavy rocks with a graceful water fountain placed in or around the poolside area. Meanwhile, luscious green plants and vibrant blossoms help to create a breathtaking landscape.