Grey Hardwood Flooring Is A Cool New Interior Design Trend

Although décor divas may be used to gleaming mahogany floors at home, it looks like interior design trends are shifting in an entirely new direction. The latest fad in flooring involves cool grey tones, which bring a welcome change to the typical dark hues of hardwood. If you’re planning to renovate your space this season, take your cues from this trend and embrace the trend at home. Here are a few stylish ways to incorporate grey hardwood into your space now.

Combine dark grey floors with glass accents and concrete: To instantly create a modern aesthetic, style your polished dark grey floors with sleek glass railings. Meanwhile, the look of concrete accents, soft potlights and ivory painted walls helps to balance out your colour scheme for a stunning room.


Photo: refashion.ave on Instagram 

Contrast light grey flooring with lime green furnishings: If you prefer softer shades, pale grey floors can be both rustic and perfectly stylish. Combine your trendy flooring with light beige and lime green sofas, coordinating accent pillows and stately black wooden bookcases. For a finishing touch, a slim white coffee table and a neutral area rug can transform your living room.


Photo: floordeal on Instagram 

Pair muted grey floors with charcoal tones and stainless steel: Muted grey shades help to convey mystery and elegance, which can quickly bring your kitchen from everyday to extraordinary. Turn to chic white cabinetry, black leather seating and stainless steel appliances for the ultimate in kitchen glamour.