Growing Peas

Growing Peas – Peas (Pisum sativum) are one of a commonest and many desired garden vegetables, though they can be maddeningly formidable to grow since they are as renouned with birds and mice as they are with humans. They can be formidable to germinate; they do not penchant cold soils; and there is no indicate in sowing them early, utterly in a cold spring, for a mice will have some-more time to find them and a seeds are chase to mildew and bacterial diseases.

Conversely they are a cold continue stand and dislike open and prohibited positions in a garden. They will grow best in some varicoloured shade. If we wish to grow early peas to mature during a finish of May or commencement of June, we should strengthen a seeds with garden fleece or boar underneath cloches.

Growing peas

Peas can be divided into 5 groups: purple-podded peas (quite rare, though they demeanour appealing in a garden and are good value deliberation by a enclosure gardener); mangetout or sugarine snaps that are harvested immature and a whole pod is baked and eaten; a small, honeyed petit pois; and typical garden peas that are shelled (there are dual sorts: a sweeter, wrinkle-seeded varieties and a hardier, round-seeded varieties). Finally, there are a semi-leafless peas that were creatively grown for blurb growers.

Peas will need support as shortly as a initial tendrils appear. This was traditionally achieved regulating pea sticks, cut from a hedges. Wide-mesh handle or nylon concealment will offer only as well. Peas contingency be planted in fruitful dirt to flourish, though afterward they do not need feeding. They do need watering when they start to flower.

Peas can be grown successfully in containers and should be grown as a underline plant in pots adult a musical trellis. If we devise to do this, check a tallness of a accumulation we select before planting: this can change from 45 cm-1.5 m (1 ½-5 ft). If your square or roof garden is unprotected they might need shelter, both from a breeze and a birds.

Once a peas start to develop they should be picked invariably as this encourages a plants to furnish some-more and any over-abundance can be frozen. Ripe peas should be baked immediately after picking as a sugarine starts to spin into starch once a pod has been picked.

Sowing: Sow seeds in open by to early summer.

Planting depth: 5 cm (2 in).

Planting distance: 7.5 cm (3 in).

Purple-podded peas

Soil: Peas like really fruitful dirt and will need unchanging feeding and watering.

Site: Cool. They will not do good on a hot, unprotected south-facing terrace.

Harvesting: Ready to collect after approximately 8 weeks.

Uses: Culinary.

Other varieties: ‘Kelvedon Wonder’, , ‘Early Onward’ (First Earlies), ‘Onward’ (Second Early), ‘Senator’ (Maincrop), ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’, ‘Sugar Snap’ (Mangetout).

Sowing peas

‘Kelvedon Wonder’

‘Oregon Sugar Pod’