Haunted Halloween Décor Ideas For A Spooktacular Space

Photo: middlesisterdesign on Instagram 

With Halloween on the horizon, creepy decorations will no doubt be making an appearance all over your neighbourhood. While traditional orange and black streamers and jack-o’-lanterns may be traditional choices, décor for All Hallows’ Eve can be surprisingly chic. If you’re wondering how to embrace the holiday at home, we’ve curated a few easy decorating ideas for the spookiest night of the year.

Decorate with white skulls and silver glitter: For the ultimate Halloween dinner party, try adorning your traditional dining table with painted ivory pumpkins. Accessorize the pumpkins with silver glitter, and add crochet placemats for a cobweb inspired feel. Meanwhile, black paper bats, tiny faux spiders affixed to glasses and skulls as table accents help to complete the look.

Photo: mypapercrush on Instagram 

Adorn your fireplace with themed decorations: If your Halloween consists of sitting by the fire and telling haunting tales, you’ll want to ensure that your fireplace is up to par. Create the ultimate setting for telling ghost stories, by turning to ornamental paper fans and banners. For a finishing touch, tiny hanging paper pumpkins, decorative festive gourds and jars filled with candy bring the festivities into the great indoors.

Photo: lynsjohnson on Instagram 

Create a seasonal table with candles, skull-shaped bottles and a pumpkin centrepiece: If you’re ready to unveil a spooky spread at the dinner table, turn to softly glowing candles in shades of warm orange and yellow. Meanwhile, a gleaming black candleholder, orange plates and tiny glass bottles in the shapes of skulls offer a chic yet scary feel. Use a large pumpkin as your table centerpiece, and prepare to eat and drink the night away with your fellow ghouls and goblins.