The helianthemum (also famous as Rock rose) is a vastly renouned alpine sub-shrub, of that there are many named cultivars. They grow to about 15-30cm/6-l2in high, with a widespread of 30-60cm/12-24in. Helianthemum ‘Jubilee’ has a mass of double dim yellow flowers, about 2.5cm/1 in across, hold in depot clusters, in early and midsummer. The leaves are small, elliptical in shape, dim immature above and grey-green below.

Cultivation and propagation

Plant helianthemum in early decrease or early open in any good emptied dirt and in full sun. You will get a second flush of flowers if a plants are embellished over in midsummer.


Helianthemum ‘Jubilee’

At a finish of flowering, cut a stems behind hard, or a plant becomes straggly, flowers reduction openly and is shorter lived. Take brief cuttings with a heel after a initial flowering, and put in a cold support to root. This is a audacious plant. This plant is expected to need clipping. Helianthemum is good for chalky/sandy soil.


A good plant to decrease over a low wall, or in association with other alpines in a raised bed, or even holes in paving or a dry wall.

Similar plants

H. Wisley Primrose’ (single, with grey-green leaves); H. ‘Raspberry Ripple’ (white flower with red centers).


Helianthemum appeninum


Helianthemum oelandicum