Home Decor Trends 2019

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/muk.vl/


A large trend right now is minimalism and a thought that reduction is more. You don’t need a crazy patterned carpet or a trendiest cot for a beautiful room. Sometimes morality is pivotal and this year, it is. Neutrals with a required seat is only perfect.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtQH5C8AwQL/

Floral Wallpaper

Can simply supplement a beautiful hold to a room either it be a neutral colour or a splendid one. Perfect for an accent wall, or if we dare, an whole room.

Photo: https://www.homedit.com/geometric-designs/geometric-table-lamp-base/


From light fixture’s to patterned rugs and all in between, geometric shapes in a home are an ongoing trend that mangle adult any transparency in a room. They supplement aberration and a indicate of differentiation.

Photo: https://www.kathykuohome.com/blog/mixing-metals-the-dos-and-donts/

Mixing Metals

An dictated contrariety in a room creates all a difference. Think: a Kitchen. Metal knobs to a cabinets with a opposite form of steel bar stools or penetrate fixtures. It’s a really cold look.

Photo: https://homishome.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Lovely-Colourful-Sofa-Ideas-10.jpg


Velvet will be most some-more renouned this year than prior years. The hardness is gentle and looks beautiful in several colours. It used to be deliberate ‘old fashioned’, though is now seen as lush and bold.