How to Feed the Wild Birds in Your Garden

There are many ways in which you can invite the beautiful wild birds into your garden and one very successful way is through feeding them. Feeding wild birds is really quite simple, but it’s important to know what you’re feeding them and how you’re doing this to ensure they are safe and healthy. From specific feeders to the right seed, continue reading to find out exactly how you can feed the wild birds in your garden.

Bird Tables

Whilst many people see bird tables as more of a stylish garden feature than an actual aid for birds to benefit from, they’re really useful to have in the garden. By placing a bird table in your garden you’re branding your garden as bird friendly, which over time will become appealing to the wild birds within your area. You can find a selection of bird tables designed with or without a roof for you to use to feed the birds that visit. Depending on the time of year, you may find that tables with a roof are ideal through the winter, to shelter the birds and the food from any bad weather conditions. Bird tables are perfect for scattering a selection of juicy mealworms, mixed seeds and even left-over food from your most recent meal for the birds to enjoy.

Bird Feeders

One of the most popular ways of feeding wild birds is with a bird feeder. Bird feeders are ideal for placing in the garden to attract the birds in. A huge number of wild birds eat seeds, and seeds are predominantly what you’d be putting into your feeders. With a selection of sizes available, you can find the right style to suit your garden and start to invite the birds in. The best thing to do with your bird feeder is to hang it up from a sturdy branch to ensure it’s not going to fall or blow off. You may also want to check the type of feeder that you’re using, as there are lots of unwanted visitors such as squirrels and foxes that will try their very best to get into the feeder and steal the seeds for themselves, so you may want to invest in a bird feeder that has a durable cage surrounding it to protect the contents from unwanted diners.

With so many different styles of feeders available, it’s important to choose the right one for your garden. The most popular form of bird feeders are Nyjer Feeders, Seed Feeders, Hopper Feeders and Nut Feeders. Whilst all of these feeders serve the same purpose, you’ll find they suit different seeds/feed so it’s best to know what your birds are interested in before you invest too much into the type of feeder you’ll be using.

Alternative Options

If you’re not too keen on the idea of introducing a plastic bird feeder or wooden bird table to your garden, there are other options to choose from. A really unique yet environmentally friendly way to feed the birds that visit your garden is to recycle a large log. Cut some holes into the log and scatter the seeds/mealworms into the holes for the birds to find. This is ideal as it looks natural in the garden, so the birds are more likely to take an interest in this type of food display.