Infuse Your Home With Sweet Citrus Shades Now

Photo: aycrk on Instagram 

With the balmy springtime temperatures around the corner, the cravings for citrus fruit will certainly be in the air. Whether you’re anxious for a bite of tangerine or freshly squeezed lemonade, citrus is definitely on the menu in the season ahead. However, culinary delights aside, citrus shades are also slated to shine on the home front. If you’re aiming to rejuvenate your space for Spring 2017, try infusing your humble abode with citrus inspired hues right now.

Transform your living room with a lemon yellow armchair: For anyone whose living room is crying out for a pop of colour, look no further than the splashy lemony shades of Spring 2017. Try a cozy lemon-coloured armchair, contrasted with a yellow and white abstract print ottoman and a black and white checkered area rug.

Photo: carnedesigns on Instagram 

Use tangerine shades for a burst of colour: Along with lemon, bold tangerine orange also falls into the vibrant, vivid citrus family. Incorporate this colour into your home, in the form of a plush tangerine armchair or sofa. To complement your statement furniture, use bright coral blooms, printed tangerine and ivory sheets and an oversized white lampshade.

Photo: scandinavianpoint on Instagram 

Turn to pretty lime green pillows for a colourful finish: If orange and yellow are too fiery for your decorative sticks, the option of lime green is also a citrus alternative for your space. Decorate a stark, snowy white couch with lime-coloured accent pillows. Add a matching white coffee table and a dark-coloured funky lamp for a finishing touch which offsets the bright shade on display.