Infuse Your Space With Gorgeous Green Hues This Spring

As decorating addicts prepare to ease their spaces into Spring 2016, neutral hues are carefully being blended with a variety of luxurious, seasonal shades at home. With bold verdant shades set to bring luscious leafy hues into the great indoors, it’s clear that green is officially here to stay -although St. Patrick’s Day is already a distant memory! In addition to the pastel tones of mint green, darker variations of the colour are set to make a splash. Here are a few simple yet sophisticated ways to decorate with green this season.

Create a playful breakfast nook with shades of pea green and white: To bring the beauty of nature into your breakfast nook or dining room, turn to refreshing hues of pale green and ivory. Decorate your space with pea green paint, white-painted furniture and striped accent cushions. Meanwhile, decorative plates on the walls can breathe new life into the paint colour and transform your little green corner into a calming oasis.


Photo: glossataglance on Instagram 

Accessorize hardwood flooring and white walls with a bright green sofa: If you have a spacious and sparsely decorated living room, try creating a perfect accessorizing finish with a sleek sofa in a kelly green tone. Try enhancing the brilliant shade of the couch with monochromatic pillows, gleaming hardwood floors, elegant white walls and plenty of potted plants.


Photo: saturdays_interior on Instagram 

Repaint your wooden chairs with cheery green colours: For a kitchen or dining room with stark white walls and neutral floors, a pop of green can certainly go a long way. In order to truly embrace the look, refresh an array of straight-backed wooden chairs with gorgeous green colours. Turn to varying shades of mint green, forest green and dark green, for a chic yet understated colour statement which will truly wow your guests.