Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Flawless With These Tips

If you’ve recently added hardwood flooring to your home, you’re probably admiring the polished and refined effect that these classic floors can offer. However, every seasoned decorating guru knows that even quality hardwood floors can easily suffer from unwanted scratches or stains. For anyone looking to maintain their flooring and keep their space looking impeccable, here are a few tips to keep in mind now.


Photo: premiermortgage on Instagram 

Position floor protector mats under your furnishings: To protect your precious and expensive floors from the dangers of furniture scratches, try investing in a few floor protector mats for your living room. Place the mats under your couches, coffee table and chairs, in order to keep any potential scratches under control and to keep your floors in absolute mint condition.

Polish your floors using a sponge and a specially designed cleaning product: After all, there’s no need to hire a professional cleaning service to maintain your hardwood floorings. As you embark on your spring cleaning adventures this season, use a sponge and a slightly diluted and specially created floor cleaner. The look of unblemished, spotless floors will create a welcoming space for your dinner guests, while also making you feel relaxed and perfectly at home.

Use floor wax to maintain a shiny finish: Luckily, those shining floors of your dreams just may be an attainable goal if you use floor wax. A quality wax can help to eliminate stains from spilled water, drinks or other liquids.

Avoid wearing your high heels indoors: If you’re like most fashionistas, you’re probably tempted to kick off your four inch pumps and recline in comfort once you’re home at the end of the day. However, we all know that home sweet home is also the perfect location to break in a new pair of heels! In order to keep unsightly marks from your stilettos away from your hardwood floors, avoid wearing these shoes indoors. Although those towering ankle booties may look fierce on the runways, they can easily destroy your floors by leaving dents which are difficult to conceal.