Landscaping The Summer Garden

Landscaping The Summer Garden – An important thing is natural landscape or the terrain of the lawn and the garden area. Whenever possible, it would be great to work with landscape than working totally against it or going towards extraordinary efforts in making changes to natural landscape of the lawn as one can quite easily and very beautifully plan the summer garden and go with flow working well along with natural terrain of the lawn and also garden area.

A way in which it can be accomplished is by taking quick surveys of the lawn. This would be more than any cursory visual survey. One would need to walk the lawn and the corresponding area in which the garden space is being planned to be implemented.



You would need to measure terrains and take notes of the inclines and slopes. When one is at it, they must study the conditions of soil and check if there are areas which seem particularly inhospitable to plant. When such types of areas exist in the garden one must decide what should be done about them. We should check if it possible turning the patch into water feature or similar other attractive addition in the summer garden than having some bare patch in midst of flowers, plants, and vegetables.


One must also determine the right amount of shade a particular place would receive and, how shade can be created for those plants, flowers and vegetables when in the direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight suits well to few plants. This could be accomplished if we plant them creatively within shadows of plants, shrubs, and vegetables which grow quite taller or even by using the rocks for creating shade. Climbing vines on the trellises or the fences so as to create artificial shade is also suggested.


After we have good feel for terrain and the landscape of our summer garden we would need planning for vegetables, flowers, and plants which would be used. The vegetable gardens tend to be not very aesthetic in nature often being the easiest for landscaping, as it is more of a need than some beauty. If one is planting some flowery summer garden, it is likely that they are planning to bring in some degree of exotic beauty in their garden. In this case it could be decided if one wants to keep flowers and plants in a specific color scheme or also if dramatic blues or greens require combining with some bright and vivid yellows and reds. This would be a personal decision but would affect greatly upon the appearance of one’s garden when things are said and done.


One may landscape the garden according to amount of actual time and the effort available for devoting towards working on your garden in a given week. Few plants need more care than few others. If you are looking for a garden basically the sow and go type, then you must make sure it gets filled with flowers and plants suited for that kind of low maintenance. Many vegetable gardens need good deals of tending so as to flourish and cannot be acceptable in such situations.

vegetable garden

If you are totally lost about landscaping the summer garden, you may find it beneficial and worth the effort having a team of experts coming in and doing the landscaping for your garden. When procuring the services ensure to check either into the maintenance program with them to keep up landscaping or get them to provide with a low maintenance kind of landscaping which you would be able to keep up with and duplicate upon your own.


Gardeners find tasks of landscaping the summer garden to be highlights of the growing summer season. Even if anyone is not among those, the above suggestions are always recommended to give you a good start along with other helpful tips about getting the garden landscaped; ready to grow.