Make A Small Room Feel Bigger In 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to make your small room feel much larger with our clever design tricks, including great room-expanding tips and multi-functional furnishings! With our 10 easy steps, your room will feel much bigger in no time!

1) Take advantage of natural light as much as you can, it will open up your space.

2) Mirrors are a good way to make a space feel bigger; putting it across from a window where it will let light in will help.

3) Choose lighter furniture instead of heavy pieces, such as glass tables and furniture on legs rather than on the floor to let light and airiness into the area.

4) De-clutter the room if you live in a small place; clutter makes the room feel smaller and heavier. Keep accessories to a minimum.

5) If you do not need window coverings, it is best to not use them as windows will brighten the room and let in light by expanding the rooms airiness feeling. Try to use “sheers” if possible.

6) Lighter colours make the room look bigger, think in a colour palette that is light and neutral as it will expand your space visually.

7) Buying multi-functional furniture such as ottomans that can be used as both a table as well as extra seating, all at once.

8) A few larger pieces of furniture in a small room will often make it look bigger.

9) Think about adding floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall bookcases. This will expand how high your ceilings look, and create a great area for additional storage.

10) Furniture that can be folded, stacked or easily movable is key. Simply push it out of the way when it does not need to be used. Deciding on a table or dining table that can be made larger or smaller with removable drop leaves can make the most of the space you don’t have.