Master Backyard Garden Party Décor With These Tips

If you’re hosting the ultimate backyard party this August, try transforming your humble outdoor space into a mythical fairy tale garden. Whether you’re preparing tempting delights or simply entertaining your guests with chilled drinks, setting the mood can help you truly embrace the season. We’ve curated our favourite fuss-free yet perfectly stylish ways to decorate for a garden party now.

Decorate with brilliant blooms and golden pineapples for a tropical theme: If you’re aiming to transport your visitors to the tropics, adorn a plain wooden picnic table with white ceramic plates and striped pink cocktail napkins. Meanwhile, metallic-painted decorative pineapples and a bouquet of multicoloured blossoms can instantly set the mood.


Photo: monev_izmir on Instagram 

Use elegant white and gold for the ultimate in chic: To evoke the perfect image of sophistication, turn to pristine white plates detailed with a contrasting gold pattern. For a finishing touch, gold-edged champagne flutes, gleaming silverware and fresh white roses can complete your décor statement.


Photo: tatianesilveiraassessoria on Instagram 

Embrace rustic charm with hanging floral baskets and wicker chairs: Create a breathtaking island inspired setting, with the inclusion of metallic hanging baskets filled with violet and orange-hued blooms. Try enhancing the vivid summertime colours with a pristine white table runner, quaint wicker seating and refreshing colourful cocktails.