Modernist Décor- Embrace The Cool Interior Design Trend Now

Although decorating gurus have been drawing inspiration as of late from the Swinging Sixties and the cool retro inspired accents of the 1970s, modernist décor attempts to bring funky, minimalistic touches into your interior design. If you’re wondering how to break away from the season’s olive green shades and extravagant furry rugs, here’s how to embrace simple modernist décor at home this season.

Update your dining table with futuristic chairs in bold shades of electric blue: With a signature of modern décor pointing toward streamlined, sharp lines, try switching those heavy and ornate wooden chairs for a modernized solution. Inject a pop of colour into your space with plush seating in a futuristic, edgy shade of bold electric blue. Not only will your dining room immediately become more welcoming, you can also easily soak up the playful and fresh look of this interior design trend.


Photo: JDKnight-DKdecor (@hrhjdk) on Twitter

Redecorate your living room with a slim coffee table and cream-coloured sofas: Try bringing a touch of simplicity into your living room by replacing dated, bulky furniture with cleaner alternatives. For an easy approach to the modernist trend, incorporate sleek, off-white leather sofas into your space. Create a refined, contrasting accent by adding a modernist coffee table in a dove grey hue. Complete your décor with neutral tile floors, accent pillows and a single piece of framed artwork for a chic finish.

Stick to shades of grey and off-white for creating a subtle yet sophisticated space: If you want to truly embrace modernism at home, it’s a smart idea to leave out that magenta accent wall which you had in mind. Keep your colour palette looking cool and refreshing with shades of heather and slate gray, contrasted against pops of ivory, cream and beige. If you want to introduce a hint of colour, try including a streamlined, shapely armchair in a shade of red or purple.

Create a modern kitchen with streamlined décor, open space and airy drapes: For a trendy kitchen upgrade, incorporate white countertops with clean lines and polished wood accents into your space. With vast spaces being a trademark of modernist design, avoid cluttering your newly revamped kitchen with additional shelves or extra chairs. Add sheer white curtains to your kitchen windows to flatter the minimalist décor and create a truly modern aesthetic.